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Superintendent's Message

Here at Woodlin School, we are fortunate to have an array of specials classes.  We offer physical education, music, and art for all age levels at Woodlin.  Taking these classes is an incredible opportunity for kids as they learn lifelong skills and gain applicable knowledge.  These classes provide unique paths that create positive attitudes, expand on interests, and develop skills and knowledge that help create a well-rounded young person. 

Just today I was in our art room; what they learn and experience in art is amazing.  Our art teacher, Jamie, just sent out an article about four fundamental skills that parents and grandparents should consistently work on with children. I want to share these important but forgotten skills that develop important fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

  1. Folding paper

  2. Tying knots

  3. Drawing a straight line with a ruler

  4. Cutting

Folding seems to have become a lost skill even though we are faced with it daily. Whether is folding paper or folding clothes, this is truly a critical skill.  We will always need to be able to fold.  And again, it develops our ability to use our hands in a productive manner.

As I watch our young children getting ready for PE class each day, I see them tying their PE shoes. For me, this is a reminder of how important tying a knot is for a young child.  Simple things like tying rope can become a lost art if we let it; yet, it does come in handy as an adult.

Then there is drawing a straight line with a ruler.  I remember taking a drafting class that involved drawing lines.  If my teachers had never exposed me to a ruler, I would have never learned basic drafting skills that I use to this day.

Finally, there is cutting—scissors have not become obsolete for a reason.  Where would we all be if we’d had never been exposed to scissors at a young age.  Once again, fine motor development is key.

In the end, these four motor skills are critical.  And thankfully, our preschool, elementary, and secondary art at Woodlin remains steadfast in developing these skills to a high level.  I encourage parents and grandparents to occasionally have children put down the iPad and start a project that uses motor skills. Watch what happens!

15400 County Road L - Box 185 - Woodrow, CO 80757
Tel: 970-386-2223 - Fax: 970-386-2241
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