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Superintendent's Message

March 24, 2020 


Dear Parents, 


School life as we know it has changed for the time being.  We know that face to face in-school instruction in our building won’t resume any earlier than April 21st.  The Governor is saying that it’s highly likely that students will come back into school buildings this academic year.  We will see as we get into the month of April.  Prom has been cancelled, along with out of state school sponsored travel through this academic year.  A Graduation Ceremony is up in the air as we respond to executive orders from the state and public health department.   


Governor Polis has made it clear that schools are to go into a Remote Learning mode.  For us, Remote Learning means students will be working from home on assignments given by teachers.  In some cases, students will be signing on to online programs to do work.  Our Remote Learning starts March 31st.   Our teachers will be available to check in with you and your child.  There will be interaction from our side. We recognize many of you have jobs, and the idea of teaching your child can be challenging at best.  Our goal is to make this situation manageable and fruitful for our students.  


You and your child will be receiving specific instructions and expectations from teachers in the next 3-5 days.  We will be making sure that families who don’t have a device has access to a Chromebook if needed.  Our staff has even put together a system to deliver and pick up paper assignments (especially for the younger grades).  It’s amazing what’s happened in a short time on behalf of your child.   


I’m asking that you frequent our web-page which is www.woodlinschool.com  It’s designed to be a clearinghouse for communication, resources, etc.   You can find the COVID-19 information, staff emails, and much, much more that will be extremely helpful at this time.   


The last thing I would like to say is that I’m proud of everyone for dealing with this pandemic situation with bravery and wisdom.  Our staff is here to help.  Reach out.  Communicate.  Ask questions. 


Yours Educationally, 


Chris Whetzel 


15400 County Road L - Box 185 - Woodrow, CO 80757
Tel: 970-386-2223 - Fax: 970-386-2241
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