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Weekly News, November 24th

Our plan is to be in-person as an entire school starting December 1st.  There has been a lot of discussion about this issue recently.  It is good that the community has been able to express themselves to me and the school board about restarting school.  We are working to honor parents' wants while protecting the staff and children from the virus. To have a better chance of staying in-person, we need children and adults to wear masks and social distance when and where they are asked (in the building and on school busses).


Beginning December 1st, staff and secondary students will now be required to wear masks all the time and everywhere in the building. The exceptions to this rule are when they are eating or in a room by themselves. Students will be given mask breaks every 15 minutes while in class. A student not wearing a mask will get one warning and the parents will be contacted. On the next incident, the student will be suspended from school for 4 school days for not wearing a mask.  It will be the student's responsibility to complete homework assignments, on-time, on Google Classroom at home. A student who returns to school from their 4 day mask suspension, and chooses not to follow the mask policy again, will automatically be suspended from school for the remainder of the semester.  When it comes to riding on a Woodlin school bus, a student gets one warning a semester for not wearing a mask. The parent will be contacted to work with their child on adhering to the policy. If it happens again on the bus, the student will not be allowed on the bus for 8 school days. The parent will be required to transport their child to and from school while their child is suspended from the bus. Once the child returns to the bus, and it happens again, the student will be suspended from bus privileges for the remainder of the semester.


On the flip side of consequences for not wearing a mask, we are working on rewards for those children who are behaving safe and wear their masks diligently.  We want our students and staff to be safe while we offer in person instruction.


If COVID cases spike in our school, we will of course revisit this plan. Let us hope for the best.  Any changes we are making are to keep us in-person as long as possible and stop the spread of COVID-19. Thank you, in advance, for speaking with your children about the mask policy and why it is important in order to keep our school open in person.


Feel free to email me any and all questions.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Chris Whetzel, Superintendent

15400 County Road L - Box 185 - Woodrow, CO 80757
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