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Superintendent's Message

It’s a new year!  Who would’ve thought that it would be 2020! 

Exciting things are around the corner at Woodlin School.  As we have been for many years, we remain an amazing option for students whose parents feel like a small school is the best fit.  We just keep getting better and better at closing learning gaps, providing challenging opportunities for students, instilling discipline and creativity at the same time, and being the safest school around.  We’re proud of the fact that we’ve returned to our roots and bolstered our Trades program through Agriculture Education, woods and metal production, and FFA.

In the coming year we will be embarking on a Master Facility Plan that will layout the future footprint for all academic, extracurricular, and community use here at Woodlin.  This planning process will afford us the opportunity to engage our staff, students, and community in the future for Woodlin School.  We’ve been here generations after generations, and now we are looking to the future.  Who will we become as a school?  What will be our main draw to parents and students?  How will we set ourselves apart from other school districts?

I encourage everyone to stay connected with us by attending our monthly coffee hour and board meetings.  Stay informed by visiting our website and receiving our weekly EZ Messages that arrive by text message.  Come and volunteer!

We are here to stay!  Our future is bright!  Come be a part of Woodlin School in Woodrow, Colorado!

15400 County Road L - Box 185 - Woodrow, CO 80757
Tel: 970-386-2223 - Fax: 970-386-2241
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