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Weekly News, October 16th


Good afternoon/evening, everyone.  We’ve had another successful week at school.  We are pleased to see that our secondary students are challenging themselves to improve their grades.  Also, for the most part, attendance has been good.  Let’s keep it up!


Have a great weekend,


Mr. Whetzel & Mrs. Hatch

There was a regular school board meeting last night, October 15.  


  • Our annual district financial audit came out well. 

  • The substitute teacher shortage was discussed. 

  • The board discussed how we can continue upgrading our bus fleet.

  • There was a discussion about school on Mondays, and how that is working. 

  • The school board worked on several policy revisions.

  • The board was brief on the financial status of the district.  Right now it’s good. Future state and federal funding may change the outlook. 

  • The board approved an expenditure for hardware to improve WIFI in classrooms. 


  • Junior high football game starts at 4:30 p.m. tonight. High school still is at 7 p.m.


  • At the home football game on October 30th versus Otis, there will be concessions in spite of Covid. Junior high will play at 4:30 p.m. and high school at 7 p.m.  Due to Covid and health department standards, restrooms won’t be available inside the school, but there will be Porta Pots on both side line areas.  

15400 County Road L - Box 185 - Woodrow, CO 80757
Tel: 970-386-2223 - Fax: 970-386-2241
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